Sunday, September 4, 2011

Working!! S2 Anime Pre-Air Eps 1

A bit early, but nevertheless one have been waiting for.. after the successful of its 1st season.. it has been confirmed that there will be a 2nd season and it will start airing at 1st OCTOBER ... However like the previous season, it has a pre-air eps shown, it's pilot eps of course without OP & ED song..

Here's the thumbnails of the eps

Well, it is enjoyable one, but i will give no spoiler here.. This anime will be available in

(registration needed)

and i will be adding the link there.. look forward to it.. XD (EDIT: The pre-air eps have been added..& can be downloaded already.. ENJOY )


  1. I can sense the fangasm a mile away. Welcome back dearest Yamada.

  2. the best one was when he told Takanashi to follow her lead.. XD