Friday, October 28, 2011

New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Green-Lit

Yup., you didnt read it wrong! The new anime was green-lit and was announced in ANN.. But the date of the news is on 14th April so i was actually late on getting on this news.. Anyway some info on it has came out.

- It will animated by Studio DEEN which is the original producer (OMG!! I dont know this)
- It will be directed by the same old director as the last one
- The cast will remain the same except for the role of Hajime Saitō, who will be played by Ken Narita.
- The remake will be about the battle of the Kyoto arc where Kenshin battles Shishio which will be told from Misao's view
- it will come out somewhere in December this year in OVA format

PS: I just hope this time they will finish it until Enishi's arc/Final Arc

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  1. My all time fav childhood Shounen so it'll be great seeing Kenshi and the gang back in action after all these years.