Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm Bored with one aspect of my life already...

Have you ever thought that boredness can hit you really hard.. i'm not talking about my life.. currently i'm happy with my life.. have been studying well, playing badminton or jogging, going out to town.. IRL stuff but when I open anime sites, go into forum, making sig and play around with adobe, watching anime, drama, or movie, it havent make me as excited as before.. what does this mean? does repetition of what i enjoy like i have been doing 3 years before have finally hit a drop on the graph?

(my recent activity in anime world)
- lurking
- posting in CB only
- downloading anime that i'm uploading only (except Fate/zero)
- only anime i watch is Fate/zero & working
- have totally abandoned GO

(In the past)
- download all average to good anime and watch them all (10+ title)
- always posting in the forum
- aiming to be the most active member


  1. happens to me when I reached 2nd year in college. dunno what happened but i guess its normal. :)


  2. This is usually the result of finding something to be much more enjoyable than the thing you have been doing all this while...Or should i said "had been doing".

    This is similar to how nowadays I play more game than how I usually aim to be really active in encoding anime

  3. Hmm, when was the last time I got bored of something? I forgot. Oh yeah, trying to pick up ladies. I decided to continue once I turn 30. Besides, getting rejected multiple times makes me lose interest in trying again and again for a while. You're lucky to have a girlfriend.

  4. pfftt.. when did i have a girlfriend?

  5. Maybe that was Skyfish. I dunno, you still look like a "geezer" to me so I assumed you have a girlfriend. (Geezer, someone obsessed with the notion that all shows of yesteryear were so good that almost nothing of the present, excluding some media that cater to their fetishes, yours being petty romance and sadism, are remotely good.
    I was wrong about the girlfriend part at least.

  6. if you are bored because you think everything that you are doing is uneventful and plain, it means it is time to kick things to second gear. those boring things that you are doing, try to work on them as if your life depended on it. expand your interests, try something different ~D