Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Beginning


Welcome everyone to my first post in my blog.. For the note, this blog has been created ages ago but it is just i dont feel like posting a lot... but recently my friends have been making their own and i would also like to have "my homepage" link that i can refer.. XD

So, anyway, the name is Cuatro/Naze which you can call me whichever you know me more.. I'm 21, Male, still studying somewhere in Malaysia... I'm straight.. like anime & sports.. for the sport, i play badminton but prefer watching football...

In term of posting, i will be sometimes writing in Malay if it relates more to IRL.. as for language.. i'm fluent in Malay & English. As for Japanese, i can speak but i cannot write/read.. LOL

As for what i'm going to put in here.. will be
  1. In real life (IRL) stuff about myself and around me
  2. Impression on the latest game/movies/anime/manga/drama/songs/album
  3. Links to some media(above mention) <-- Look forward to it.. XD
  4. some etc. stuff which i think can help others
  5. Some funny and interesting thing.. XD

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