Thursday, August 25, 2011

"How to make an animated GIF?" Tutorial Part 2

 Welcome to the 2nd part! This time i will be the instructor.. this time i will be making a GIF using the programs that i usually use XD

as for my own tutorial.. i'm going to make this

requirement (i only use this program)
1. smplayer
2. adobe imageready

1. make a new folder (whatever name you want)
2. open smplayer (it got a camera picture where you can take snapshot [red square]

you can use it to take multiple screenshot in short time (like how i take the scene from the lil bel smiling like a devil) you need to time it yourself which part you want
3. next, transfer all to the folder you make to the new folder you created
4. open imageready
5. File -----> Import ------> Folder as frames (the folder you put all the pictures you make)
6. you will get this picture

7. then there's the timing button below the picture... (see the 0.1 button? click on that).. this is where you modify your own timing...
8. like your timing.. now this is optional you can crop and resize it (you'll find the button.. just search. i make it like this coz this is an avy

9. then When your done go to File ------> Save Optimized Image As
10. save as GIF and done..
11. [optional], upload it to image host like photobucket

thanks for your time!! i hope this tutorial is useful 

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    Thax for posting this at Anime-tion.Was searching for this but hell guess i didn't search hard enough