Thursday, August 25, 2011

Densha Otoko [Drama]

The plot follows the life of Yamada, a 23 year old typical otaku. After a chance encounter with Saori, when he rescues her from a drunken man on the train. Saori sends him a set of Herm├Ęs tea cups as a thank you. Relying on advice from users on a website he is able to find the courage to change and eventually confess his feelings to Saori.

Rating: 10/10
(+) A heartwarming story.. "the crying is contagious!!!" Yeah. it got that many moments where, the feeling shown by the actor is affecting the watcher..
(+) Amusing.. well, it shows how a hardcore geek trying to woo a fair lady... so, there's sometimes the awkward times this guy did and also by his comrade.. anyway, it shows an interesting of internet chatting where they constantly kept posting on that thread and with each character have their own style of talking, it is fun to watch.
(+) The BGM fits perfectly with the scene.. especially the BGM "Hermes"

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